Happy Hour

Happy Hour

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*Please Have Credit Card Ready When Ordering by Phone*

Tel: 847-­699-­8477

Monday~Saturday: 5 pm~6 pm

Last order by 5:50 pm. Items not picked up by 6:10 pm will change to its original pricing.
Extra sauces will be an additional $1.00 ~ $1.50


Shrimp Shumai Steamed shrimp dumpling$4.95
Shrimp Tempura6 pcs. of shrimp tempura $9.95
Agedash TofuFried tofu w/ special sauce$6.50
Soft Shell CrabDeep fried soft shell crab$8.95
EdamameBoiled soybean$4.50
Tako Yakii Baked wheat balls w/ octopus$5.50
Tuna TatakiSeared pepper, tuna, avocado w/ special sauce$11.95
GyozaPan fried dumpling$5.95
Heart AttackDeep fried stuffed jalapeno w/ spicy tuna & cream cheese$8.95
Chicken Wings6 pcs. of spicy chicken wings$7.95
Tempura ComboDeep fried shrimp & vegetable$7.95


Bulgogi RollMarinated beef, cucumber & lettuce$7.95
Crunchy RollSnow crab, crab meat & tempura crumbs$6.50
Deep Fried Spicy SalmonSpicy salmon & cucumber$9.95
Deep Fried Spicy TunaSpicy tuna & cucumber$9.95
Downtown FireSpicy crab meat, cucumber topped w/ seared tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce$12.95
Holy MoleyCrab meat, avocado topped w/ cooked shrimp, creamy & eel sauce$12.95
KamikazeSpicy tuna, cucumber topped tuna & spicy mayo$12.95
Las VegasDeep fried salmon, avocado, crab meat, mozzarella & cream cheese$12.95
Mango GagaCrab meat, cucumber, avocado topped w/ mango and special mango sauce$11.95
Oh My GodShrimp tempura & avocado topped w/ cooked shrimp, creamy & eel sauce$12.95
PhiladelphiaSmoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese$6.95
Red DragonCrab meat, avocado, cucumber topped tuna$12.95
Sake BombSpicy crab meat, cucumber topped w/ salmon & spicy mayo$12.95
Shrimp CrunchShrimp tempura, avocado topped w/ creamy, eel sauce & tempura crumbs$6.95
Spicy CrunchSnow crab, spicy crab meat & tempura crumbs$6.95
Wasabi Tuna Crab meat, cucumber, avocado topped w/ tuna & wasabi sauce$12.95
White DragonCrab meat, avocado, cucumber topped white tuna$12.95
Yum Yum Roll Deep fried yam & avocado, eel sauce, tempura crumbs$5.95