Appetizers Kitchen

Beef TatakiSliced seared beef with tomato w/ special sauce10
Asparagus Beef Roll Boiled asparagus wrapped with marinated beef10
Spicy Crab Mushroom Deep fried mushrooms stuffed w/ spicy crab8
Soft Shell Crab Deep fried soft shell crab9
Beef Skewer Grilled beef and veg w/ teriyaki sauce10
Chicken Skewer Grilled chicken and veg w/ teriyaki sauce8
Shrimp Tempura Panko encrusted deep fried shrimp8
Squid Tempura Deep fried calamari8
Tempura Combo Deep fried breaded shrimp & veggies8
Veg Tempura Deep fried veggies6
Shrimp Shumai Steamed shrimp dumplings6
Tako Yaki Baked wheat balls with octopus6
Chicken Wings 6pcs of chicken wings6
Agedashi Tofu Deep fried tofu w/ special sauce6
Grilled Tofu Grilled tofu w/ Japanese miso sauce6
Gyoza Pan fried pork and veggie dumplings6
Oshinko Mixed pickles5
Edamame Boiled soybean pods4
Snowball Deep fried Cream cheese, crab meat5