Lunch Special

Lunch Special

We have resumed full regular business hours with indoor dining

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Tel: 847-­699-­8477

Monday through Friday 11:30am – 2:00pm

<Lunch order(s) will be taken until 2pm only>
Edamame boiled soybeans $3.95
Gyoza pork & vegetable pots tickers $4.95
Cucumber Salad ponzu sauce $3.95
House Salad ginger sauce $3.95
Seaweed Salad $3.95
5pcs Sushi w/Ramen or Udon $13.95
5pcs Sushi w/spicy tuna or spicy salmon $13.95
6pcs Sashimi w/California roll $13.95
6pcs Sashimi w/spicy tuna or spicy salmon $13.95
6pcs Sashimi and 5pcs Sushi served w/miso soup $18.95
Chirashi   -Assorted 7pcs chef’s choice sashimi, sushi rice and miso soup $12.95
>BENTO BOX< $11.95
~Served with 4pcs California roll, 6pcs tempura combo and steamed rice (No Substitution)
Beef Teriyaki ($2 extra)
Chicken Teriyaki
Bulgogi (marinated beef)
Chicken Katsu
Fish Katsu
>NOODLE COMBO< $10.95 ($1 extra to add an egg)
Udon served w/4pcs California roll or tempura combo
Ramen or Spicy Ramen served w/4pcs California roll or tempura combo
Yaki Soba choice from bulgogi, chicken or vegetable
>ROLLS< $10.95
Chicago Crazy white fish, tuna, salmon w/cucumber & spicy mayo
Crazy Boy deep fried crab meat, avocado and cream cheese
Deep Fried Spicy Tuna or
Spicy Salmon
spicy tuna or spicy salmon and cucumber
Fire Salmon deep fried salmon & avocado topped w/salmon, spicy mayo & eel sauce
Mango Gaga crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped w/mango & mango sauce
Oh My God shrimp tempura, avocado topped w/cooked shrimp, creamy & eel sauce
Rainbow crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped w/assorted 4pcs fish
Sake Bomb spicy crab meat & cucumber topped w/salmon & spicy mayo
Sunday Morning deep fried salmon & cream cheese w/spicy mayo & eel sauce
Viking spicy tuna & avocado topped w/white tuna, spicy mayo, chili sauce
Wasabi  Tuna crab meat, avocado, cucumber topped w/tuna & wasabi mayo
Roll Combo (2 of your choice) $11.95 ^California ^Philadelphia ^Spicy Tuna ^Spicy Salmon ^Spicy Crab ^Crunchy ^Shrimp Crunch ^Yum Yum ^Cucumber & Avocado ^Salmon & Avocado ^Tuna & Avocado ^White Tuna & Avocado
<Lunch order(s) will be taken until 2pm only>
Any extra sauce will be an additional 75¢ ~$1