Noodle & Curry


Bulgogi Yaki Soba ~ 14Marinated beef & veg w/ pan fried noodle
Chicken Yaki Soba ~ 14Chicken & veg w/ pan fried noodle
Vegetable Yaki Soba ~ 13 Vegetable & pan fried noodle
Yaki Udon
Bulgogi ~ 15Marinated beef & veg w/ pan fried thick noodle
Chicken ~ 14Chicken & veg w/ pan fried thick noodle
Veggie ~ 13Vegetable w/ pan fried thick noodle
Tempura Udon ~ 12Thick flour noodle soup with veg & tempura
Nabeyaki Udon ~ 13Thick flour noodle soup with veg & shrimp & egg
Sansi Udon ~ 10Thick flour noodle soup with vegetable
Ramen(All Ramens are available with Spicy or Non-Spicy)
Vegetable ~ 10Ramen noodle with vegetable
Beef ~ 15Ramen noodle with beef & veg
Chicken ~ 14Ramen noodle with chicken & veg
Chicken Katsu ~ 15Ramen noodle with chicken katsu & veg
Tonkatsu ~ 15Ramen noodle with tonkatsu & veg

Curry (Including miso soup, salad and rice)

Japanese CurryBeef & veg w/ curry sauce23
Chicken Katsu CurryDeep fried breaded chicken cutlets w/ curry22
Tonkatsu CurryDeep fried breaded pork cutlets w/ curry22